I Love What I Do for a Living and Now Sell Online

I’m pretty new to the social media world. Like many older people, I have tended to be the last to really get with trendy things. However, when you’re a business owner, that is what you must do. I struggled while I tried to figure out how to get more followers because I was so unsure of how to go about it. I ended up looking online to see if there was any info that would help someone like me who isn’t very cool and doesn’t know the first thing about what you need to do to manage your own social media accounts for your business. I ended up finding out that you can work with a company that will add real followers to your account! It turned out to be something that has been beneficial and easy to do.

My parents started the hardware store that I now own. When they passed many years ago, the business was passed down to me. I have no interest in doing anything else. I know everything there is to know about everything that I sell there. Read more “I Love What I Do for a Living and Now Sell Online”

Seeing if Selling on Amazon Could Up My Profits into the Stratosphere

Remember when Amazon just sold books? I have been around long enough to remember that. I wish I would have invested heavily in that early enterprise now. Hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it? Well, instead of crying over spilled milk, I just found another way to earn money using the services of the most giant online retailer. I read the ASM8 review to see if I would benefit from the updated Amazon education it offers. There are obviously experts in selling on Amazon, but I wanted to see what the reviews said about the Amazon Selling Machine before I bought it. The money-back guarantee was helpful in me making the decision to buy it.

It is amazing how you can just about sell anything on Amazon. Read more “Seeing if Selling on Amazon Could Up My Profits into the Stratosphere”