Determining the Importance of an SEO Crusade

All SEO efforts will fail if a company’s previously defined goal was not achieved. Depending on the website, for example, the successful purchase of products, the registration for an event or the participation in a profit play, people could lose serious amounts of money if their SEO fails. One of the things to keep a close eye on is the conversion rate (CR).

Please note that there is a difference between visits and visitors. A visitor can visit a website several times a day. The convincing value of the conversion rate can be increased by the number of visits by bots. Most web analytics tools do this automatically. Because some conversion rates are considered a “hurdle”, for example when buying a high-priced product, a distinction is made between micro- and macro-conversions. The successful completion of the entire order process is a macro conversion. Putting the item into the checkout basket is a micro conversion.

When analyzing the most important conversion rate, owners should pay attention not only to its rapid success but also to these micro conversions, which may eventually lead to the desired end result. Therefore, owners should offer as many possibilities as possible that lead to micro-conversions, which lead to a purchase or a binding resolution of some sort. Such micro-conversions are, for example:

  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Creating a “wish” list
  • Callback form for consultation
  • Request for an information packet, catalog, or samples
  • Followers on social media profiles
  • Sharing content on social media platforms

In order to increase a website’s conversion rate, it is important to successfully interact with visitors as easy as possible. The following is conducive to:

  • Speedy navigation
  • User-friendly design
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Good search function
  • Informative descriptions of services or products
  • Attractive, informative, and inspiring product images
  • Simple forms
  • Tighter and transparent ordering process
  • Further information (Content Marketing)

There are several tools to help one determine their conversion rate. Google Analytics, which has a comprehensive conversion area, is designed to target projects of various kinds and can be defined and measured. By combining goals, it is even possible to determine the actions that the visitors have executed before reaching a target. For more information, see it at today.